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Let's dish!

White after labor day

Posted By funwoman on Sep 12, 2010 at 8:11AM

It is so cute outside. Warm, sunny, its a Sunday and I have no work on the following day.... besides writing and a few calls. It's almost Saturday except Saturday was a bit dreary.

Question can one wear white beyond Labor day?

Answer: Well maybe not someone who submits to the fashion police, but I wear what I want!!!!!

Hopefully the patron of monthly visitors will not sneak up n me, she does get a bit of a say in what I wear.

Let's wear the cream suit today instead of stark white....perhaps that will appease all, if any police stop me I will call it winter white and just plead innocent and unknowledgeable that winter doesn't start for a few months.

I live in Chicago, and winter starts whenever it wants!

Quick and fun quiz on avon products

Posted By funwoman on Sep 11, 2010 at 1:34PM

People ask me about Avon all the time because I am on constant marketing mode

Well here are some fun facts about avon

See how many you get right


My avon site

Posted By funwoman on Sep 11, 2010 at 1:02PM

www.youravon.com/mmitchell4423 my avon website <---its not just makeup!!! go see :)

Posted By funwoman on Sep 11, 2010 at 12:52PM

Ok now that I have gotten that out of the way, I am looking for creative means to market my avon website within the confines of my agreement with the Avon Company. I am an Independent Avon Sales representative and my goal is to create a 100k a year business through Avon. Even though it is my business which I am responsible for, I have certain guidelines that must be met. More urgently, I have set certain personal sales goals that I need to meet in order for me to be successful.

So I will share them with you, dear reader...

1. Educate my self and others on all things Avon

2. Run my business as a business and not a hobby

3. Bring in others to the business, not too few and not too many. Maybe about 5-10 a month. We can learn together. My mantra has always been "Uplift as I climb"

4. Finish the book I am working on... different story, but if I am able to be successful as a salesperson, I can then concentrate on my artisitic pursuits.

5. Help my family financialy... I used to give away fish when my other business interests where doing great, but now I must "teach people how to fish"

6. I have closed the bank of Melissa, but the Company of Melissa is readily open for business

7. Become financially independent - not Oprah, but able to be comfy in the future and take care of my family

website: www.youravon.com/mmitchell4423 Look for my picture!

email : to order or ask nice questions: mmitchellkline@hotmail.com

I can do orders automatically via the avon website which is secure

I can do orders via phone - I use your information and put the order in myself using my paypal account to get the money

It is easier and quicker to order online, but us avon ladies like to add a personal touch too!!!!

My avon business focuses on skin care, makeup, jewelry, hair care, a bit of cool fashion, bath products, and of course the world famous and award winning fragrances for men and women!



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